5 Steps to Attract Investor Interest in Your Startup

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229540_10150174901139132_322262144131_7000983_4531651_nHow to Incorporate Engaging & Compelling Videos to Attract Funding Sources

  1.  The average success for fund raising campaigns is approximately 50 percent. Without a good video the rate plummets to about 35%
  2. Using a short video is one of the best methods of communicating and pitching your business’ ideas across the crowd platform.
  3.  Crowdfunding videos also enable you to put a face to who is theinnovator behind the project in an easy to share format.
  4. Potential funders generally will not watch videos that are longer than three minutes, so it is suggested that you keep them short and engaging.
  5. You are most likely to draw investors with an engaging video that clearly communicates a concise message for the ultimate driver of pledges.

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Concentrating Solar Power With Thermal Energy Storage

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A new report from NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, could help spur the development of more utility scale concentrating solar power plants with thermal energy storage features while boosting the market for solar cells, too. The report indicates that CSP/energy storage projects could add value to utility scale solar energy in California, and they would enable more solar cell development by creating additional grid flexibility.


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