The Harambee PV Solar Project, Kenya Africa

July 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

4732528205_ae77838e41_sAtlantis Capital Advisors has announced that they will launch a new funding campaign for the creation of a micro-factory in East Tennessee to manufacture and distribute 60 watt modular PV solar systems for export to rural southwest Kenya. Initial plans are to produce and ship twelve units per month beginning in early 2015. The project named Harambee, references the Kenyan tradition of community self-help events, e.g. fundraising or development activities. Harambee literally means “all pull together” in Swahili, and is also the official motto of Kenya and appears on its coat of arms. The energy generated by the panels will provide domestic lighting and charging capabilities for cell phones, laptops computers and well water pumps. These systems will also provide a means for village inhabitants to generate revenue by offering cell phone charging services – a key step to building stronger community involvement and developing entrepreneurship in addition to job creation in Tennessee and Africa.

For additional information about sponsorship opportunities contact the Managing Director at Atlantis Capital Advisors at or the fund manager,






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