About Atlantis Technology Fund

The investment and advisory firm Atlantis Fund Advisors established in 2011 provides strategic planning, venture startup, project and business development, investment funding, financial analysis and project management for next-generation alternative and renewable energy projects, advance materials, mobility, internet connectivity and silicon based technologies.


Capital AcquisitionAtlantis Capital Advisors has a substantial amount of experience helping companies raise growth and acquisition financing from venture capital and private equity firms.

DOE Grant AdvisoryAtlantis Capital Advisors offers unparalleled federal grant writing expertise, transforming ideas into optimal proposals that provide the best opportunity to obtain government funding.

Mergers and AcquisitionsAtlantis Capital Advisors maximizes value for sell side clients as well as strategic and financial buyers seeking add-on or platform acquisitions; capital budgeting, valuation, market value structuring.

Sales and DivestituresAtlantis Capital Advisors maximizes value on the sale of properties or the divestiture of non-strategic assets through a controlled auction process; and

Strategic Partnering/Business Development – With unprecedented insight into end user needs, an ability to navigate markets and analyze revenue models, Atlantis Capital Advisors is able to assist lower-middle market companies in developing strategic relationships in order to drive revenue growth.


Atlantis Capital Advisors is focused on serving industries in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley dedicated to technological innovation, sustianabily and promoting ethical business practices. http://www.atlantiscapitaladvisors.com 

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Cleantech
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
  • Information Technology


About This Blog

Our primarily focus is in alternative and renewable energy, advanced materials, biotech  sectors, although these are only a few of the new venture markets that our investment partners have interest in. Our objective is to track deals across capital markets – regardless of deal type or sector to unable us to provide the best match for our clients. So be on the lookout for other post based on the deal type and sector preferences from contributors to this blog.  Feel free to contact http://www.atlantiscapitaladvisors.com  for additional information.

We are a private data-driven company. We do not take an investment position for or against any particular deals or offerings presented. Nothing in these blog postings should be construed as investment advice. Solicitation for raising capital is in accordance with the exemptions provided by Rule 506 of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, amended, September 23, 2013. We provide advertising for unregistered securities offerings to the investment community, entrepreneurs, and service providers interested in private placement opportunities. We are not a funding portal, hedge fund, broker-dealer or investment advisor.

 We maintain an “open access data policy” and we are committed to sharing information about the markets we serve. If you would like to contribute to this blog, we welcome your input. If you are interested in acquiring funding sources for your project contact the managing director at http://www.atlantiscapitaladvisors.com




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